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Zeo Health Pure Zeolite Detoxification Supplement Detox 400g Powder Detoxifier

Price: $52.99

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Main Purpose :


Type :

Herbal Supplement

Nutrition Facts Label :


Ingredients :


Supply :

1 Month and Longer

Features :

All Natural

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Formulation :




Product :


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Brand :

Zeo Health

Country/Region of Manufacture :

United States

What the Seller Says

BE HEALTHY, STAY HEALTHY: When used as a total body detox cleanse or for daily maintenance, ZEOLITE PURE can help to alleviate fatigue, brain fog, headaches, and inflammation due to toxicity, and can facilitate weight loss. It also naturally balances the body’s pH and makes it more alkaline, making it more likely that your body will stay healthy and strong. PROVEN SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Clinical studies support its use as a safe and effective heavy metal detox and cleanser of mycotoxins, radiation, and man-made toxins, without stripping the body of essential nutrients. It has also been shown to improve and repair digestion due to the effects of leaky gut and is a proven immune system booster. A BETTER WAY TO DETOX: Zeolite is a unique and naturally occurring mineral. Its unique negative charge and cage-like structure allow it to work like a magnet to attract positively charged toxins, trap them, and safely remove them from the body, making it a premium natural body detox cleanse. CLEANSES GENTLY WITHOUT THE “YUCK”: Unlike edible bentonite clay and other detox supplements that may cause intestinal discomfort, headaches, or other side effects often associated with detox, ZEOLITE PURE’s ability to trap toxins and ease digestion will help you feel better without any added yucky feelings. THE PURITY THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Made by the original zeolite manufacturer in the US, Zeolite Pure is the gold standard for zeolite supplements, backed by over 20 years of research. Every batch is mined from the purest source on earth, washed, purified and micronized using a proprietary process that refines the particle size to allow it to be effective not only in the digestive tract, but throughout the entire body.

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