Hydramino EAA + BCAA Powder - 45 Servings - Essential Amino Acids Supplement & Electrolyte Powder for Recovery, Strength, & Hydration, 7g BCAAs, 8g EAAs, 600mg Electrolytes | (Vegan, Red Slushie)

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  • Complete EAA + BCAA Supplement - Hydramino includes your full spectrum EAA profile consisting of all 9 Essential Amino Acids. Hydramino also includes 7g of 2:1:1 BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids), making this a better intra workout supplement and post workout recovery solution compared to a stand alone bcaa supplements.
  • 2:1:1 Vegan Fermented BCAAs - Expect only the best! Hydramino is vegan and keto friendly. It is also Gluten and dye free.
  • Support Muscle Growth, Recovery, & Endurance - Along with EAAs, BCAAs, & electrolytes, we added 3g of Glutamine to support repair muscle, help with recovery, and reduce soreness. Now you can take your training to the next level and come back stronger with Hydramino.
  • Electrolytes for Maximum Hydration - Hydramino is packed with premium electrolyte ingredients such as coconut water powder, potassium, sodium, and other key minerals to refuel and rehydrate and keep your performance at peak levels.
  • Amazing Taste & Sugar-Free - The perfect alternative to sugary sports drinks. Hydramino is packed with only premium ingredients and no artificial dyes, fillers, or added sugars. We have also perfected every flavor of Hydramino for it to be the best tasting eaa / bcaa formula.

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