FIRST ENDURANCE OptygenHP VO2 Supplement (120 Capsules)

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  • REDEFINE PERFORMANCE – Optimized performance and recovery during peak periods of extreme training and racing with additional adaptogens and beta-alanine for increased endurance and power output.
  • BEYOND OPTIMAL – Utilizes the highest quality adaptogens available: Rhodiola, Cordyceps, Ashwagandha, and Notoginseng. The formula boosts endurance, power, and VO2 max while activating repair processes to reduce recovery times.
  • FIREWALL – During high-intensity exercise, your muscles light up with lactic acid. OptygenHP’s beta-alanine helps your body metabolize that lactate, converting fire to fuel and increasing endurance. Beta-alanine boosts power and enhances exercise capacity.
  • REAP WHAT YOU SOW - Race-day performance is built gradually, through constant small deposits of training and recovery. OptygenHP works the same way. Studies show that steady use during periods of intense training produces demonstrable performance benefits after a few weeks, which then maintain and compound through continued use.
  • FIRST ENDURANCE ETHOS – Our approach to product design eschews unexamined ingredients, traditional processes, and trendy minimalismin in favor of research-based innovation, premium ingredient sourcing, and the uncompromising expectations of elite athletes. We’re always ready to show our work and support our products with the scientific literature that informs our design choices, but we also know what virtually every athlete and publication using or reviewing our products learns firsthand: First Endurance products speak for themselves, and you can feel the difference right away.

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