EAA Powder for Men, Workout Supplement for Muscle Gain - Serious Mass Gainer Carbohydrate Powder w/ Essential Amino Acids | BCAAs Muscle Builder Ð Modern Intra or Post Recovery (Clean Weight)

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  • Bigger, Faster, Stronger Muscles - Smash through your fitness goals and take your body to a new level! Modern Man Smash Powder utilizes the superior PeakO2 mushroom blend, shown to improve users’ peak power output during clinical trials by over 17% in just 7 days. This unique combination of mushroom species makes for a clean, effective muscle builder with a proven history of helping users increase their exercise capacity, maximum strength, peak power, and more!
  • The Ultimate Workout Recovery Aid! – The Modern Man needs the best fuel his body can get! Smash Powder goes beyond other BCAA supplements by providing the synergistic benefits of Amino9. Studies show that complementing branched amino acids with all essential amino acids (EAAs) can deliver up to 50% greater impact on muscle protein synthesis! An excellent choice for your pre, post, or during workout drink!
  • Premium Carbs, No Shakes or Crashes!

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